Lafayette Symposium at Lycée
Français de New York

“Lafayette: A Source of Inspiration” December 9, 2014
On December 9, 2014, the Lycée Français de New York hosts “Lafayette: A Source of Inspiration, with Laura Auricchio, Author, “The Marquis, Lafayette Reconsidered”; Diane Shaw, Curator and Director of Special Collection, Lafayette College; and Laurent Ferri, Curator, Adjunct Associate Professor, Cornell University. Highlights of the panel discussion, moderated by Pascale Richard, Director of the Cultural Center, Lycée Français de New York and Committee Member, Director of Educational Outreach, Friends of Hermione-Lafayette in America, include:

I. Lafayette in Two Revolutions

· Why did Lafayette come to America in the first place?

· What were his contributions to the American Revolution?

· How did it connect to and influence the French Revolution?

· What was Lafayette's role and legacy in the French Revolution?

II. Lafayette and Human Rights

· Contribution to the Declaration des Droits de l'homme/Declaration of Rights of Man

· Role in the anti-slavery movement

· Work on behalf of rights for French Protestants, Jews, and Women

· Support for other democratic revolutions

III. Lafayette and the Franco-American Exchange

· Lafayette as a symbol for Americans during the Farewell Tour - 1824-1825

· Lafayette's reputation today in America and in France and why they are different

Why do the French dislike Lafayette?

IV. Lafayette's legacy for today--is he a 'Hero of Two Worlds'?

. Can he can serve as an inspiration to our youth?

For more information about the Lycée Francais de New York event, which begins at 6:30pm, and to reserve tickets, please visit: www.lfny.org